Underappreciated Canadian Heroes

The Canadian Armed Forces

This is just an educated opinion of the Canadians Soldiers during WWll. Since I am not a historian I am using variable stats and dta so I did not site all my numbers. Most numbers came from the Encyclopedia Canada website. So I am not backing up every bit of data. Please read and enjoy.

Canadian women in aarmed services

From the Beginning

Since Canada was a part English Commonwealth, Canada got involved from the beginning of WWll.. The Canadian Armed forces were also performing active duties from the outset. Right off the start they had convoy duty in Northern Atlantic convoy duty. Convoys were created by having many freighter, tankers and other merchant vessels. That made it much easier to protect ships for the navies. Now before we go on “Escort Duty”, escorting the convoys. Well convoy duty during WWll sostill a naval fight of warship against warship with air cover becoming more and more prevalent as the wae went progressed.

Convoy Duty

The Canadians that ere involved first was the Canadian Navy executing convoy escorting They [atrolled looking for U- Boats to engage. Radar, Sonar and ASDIC (British and Canadians system) were not very sophisticated so they “looked:. Sometimes they would see a submarines telescope or a ship blowing up as the first warning of the enemy. Hunt and seek, Cat and mouse whatever you call it, it was long and perilous duty. And I alsp know that as the war went on the Canadian navy took more responsibility for escorting the vital goods of life and the transporting of the armies to France and other fronts.

According to the Canadian Encyclopedia over 10,000 men and women, with 400 ships served in the Navy during the war. And it was responsible for over 30 sinkings and the continual protection from German U-Boats and surface raiders, although the U-Boat battle was the important one. Without their incredible protection Britian probably comes close and maybe does starve. Thank You all

The Canadian Army

canadian tank in battle

As soon as they were able the Canadians started transporting their army personnel and equioent to England. Long night and days on a overcrowded, but not overly seaworthy vessels all the way to England was probably I could preview to how war could be. First Survival! And this early bild-up of forces probably helped the Canadians getting picked for something I do not beleive was a good choice

Dieppe! I am not on Monday Quarterbacking fan of this move. First I’m no expert but know enough to have a opinon. Dieppe the 1942 invasion of the European mainland I just do not understand. The Allies felt like they learned a lot that helped i D-Day but seems tough way to learn. Not only am I not an expert I also respect them decision makers and their decision but looking back costly to me, but they know better.

This small invasion was a Canadian affair and they were all killed or captured. They were supposed to removed back to England but the whole invasion force was destroyed and captured. There alwas also 2 Battalions of the Canadian Army fighting in a hopeless defense of Hong Kong. (Canadian Encyclopedia)

Sicily and Italy

During the invasion of Sicily the 1st Canadian Division was alongside the British 8th Armu, of course commanded by Sir Montgomery. They were involved with the invasion of southern and the fight North. In southern Itay they were 9nvolver in wicked fight near Ortona. They also played a leading in role in breaking the Hitler and leading into central Italy.

Then in one of the vicious battles of the at the Gothic Defense Line featuring Monte Cristo. where then Germans help up the Allied advance for weeks and month the Canadians were there. The Canadian led the breakthrough of the Gustav Line and Monte Casino which opened the way to Rome and Northern Italy.

In Italy over 90,000 Canadians served with over 5500 lost their lives in some very vicioue fighting.

Normandy June 6, 1944

On June 6, 1944 the Western Allies invaded the mainland of Europe. Landing in the Normandy area of France. The invasion was divided into 5 assault beaches. 2 American, 2 British and 1 Canadian. The Canadian 3rd Division and the 2nd Armored Brigade invaded the Code-named Juno Beach. There was bitter fighting on the beach and as the soldiers moved inland.

canadians in wwll

During the “Breakout” from Normandy the Canadians were on the north side of the “Falaise Gap” which was trying to close the Gap between the north and the south sides. The gap was the retreat column that the Germans could retreat through. The Canadians and German had vicious and deadly battle to try and close “surround” the sides of the Gap. They also added another bitter battle at the Scheldt River which was part of freeing the city of Antwerp whose port was very important.

Canadian Air Force

The Canadian air force was mostly entwined with the British Commonwealth, so they were not a separate entity till late inthe war. But they served in every theater. Bases in Africa, Italy, Britan and they even were involved in southern Asia and the Aleutian Islands (Alaska). They were involved in the air campaign of bombing the German controlled continent. Ultimately, they grew to 14 Squadrons. In the war over 200,000 served in the air force with over 17,000 lost their lives according to the Encyclopedia Canada. Over 10,000 in the air campaign over Europe

Awesome Heroes

I was just sitting around and started thinking about my Canadian neighbors and decided to write this page. Like I said at the beginning I went with non-specific data because this is not a pure Historic paper. A lot is comes because I have knowledge on WWLL is just below a teacher’s Knowledge. I was looking at WWll picture book before I could read and read my first book in third grade. A book I ordered through the school book program They brought in a list of books that you ordered through an book organization that gave children books to choose and order. Do not think there is enough of that nowadays. But most oy data was from my knowledge but the numbers come from the Encyclopedia Canada.

Normandy Canadians in a landing craft

While a love all veterans for me WWll veterans a little bit above. Average people like my father interrupted their lives to save the world. These were not professional soldiers just the average person on the street. Like my father gave up a promising College Sports career, and they ere glad and proud doing it. Off the street into war just amazing. Anyways I picked Canada because their sacrifices is not well know, but I am going to write a few other pages. Thank You Canadians and all WWll veterans for the mostly peaceful world I group in. Well at least not many major conflicts.

If you like this read some of my other page I have written. My site is here link. I have stories on cooking places I’ve been and my personal favorite about a card game with many childhood friend that has played almost every week for over 15 years, awesome. Any questions on my stories or internet offers Contact Us here. And thank our veterans whenever you can and remember many countries were involved besides the major Allies, And Canada with all its under recognized heroes. who gave their lives for us. Thank You.

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