Self-Help and Self-Education

Self-Help and Self-Education is all about learning and understanding that we can build a better world when we all improve ourselves.

Trying to bring time freedom to more people I am sharing many ideas that allow people to Self Help or Self- Educate themselves. Even I a ery relevant question is whether College is even worth it. If you just want a degree or certain profession . then yes. But now there are many great ways to have a great income without a degree, Educate or help yourself to gain you personal time freedom, using links off this page. I am bringing new ideas to blog wham I find them to share with you.

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Is College worth it: Getting a College Degree may still be a great accomplishment. And some profession defiantly need to have one. Doctor Scientist many people are finding just to get great income they are not needed. And Although not only can you make great incomes you can earn a degree a lot cheaper on line. Online Opportunities Without College Available:

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Point Mugu and Tide Pools Love it here. Good food at the county line and small beaches and the pools on the way to the point. The point, a place were 80-90% you see something swimming by. Smaller whales seals or dolphins mostly One time in the distance I saw ways probably grey not the majestic greats one. To see them, Catalina. Point Mugu Day

There is an unlimited supply of as for income without a college degree. There are many sites where you can find professional services or an inexpensive education. And comtimplate these ideas with a great relaxing trip along the coast..