Body Alkaline

Body alkaline products used regularly create good body ph. slightly alkaline which is the healthiest ph for your body

Trying to stay healthy is a constant need and a daily need. This page isi about body health by keeping Body Alkaline Balanced. There are many approaches to keeping a healthy. Exercise and diet are the main ingredients and needs to become a consistent habit and daily routine. This site offers new science of Bio-Hacking technology that develops these healthy products. We search the data bases of the world for any all natural product we can share. And no matter what we find these remain our personal favorites and all they can do for you and your health regiment. Each product is created to improve certain areas of your bodies help.

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  • Byom -Gives better Gut and Digestive Health.
  • Bran – Gives a Mental and Clarity Boost.
  • Plos – A nondairy creamer with great weight loss properties.
  • Uuth – Aids with younger and healthy skins, hair and nails.
  • Zlem – Gives Deeper and Refreshing sleep.
  • tuhn – A nice fashionable device that provides protection from Electromagnetic Fields

Products that designed and created to become a daily routine. They are all packaged in single doze packets. They are called “Snap Packets” that are easy to consume. Snap across the middle and squirt into your mouth and feel the improvement created by these fantastic products. And of course the tuhn product that uses the new Bio-Hacking science to create a pendant that give protection from EMF’s

Living Alkaline

A daily routine and regiment of using these products will improve your daily mental feeling and keep your body healthy. Using these will help you keep our body on a positive alkaline body ph.  The goal is to keep the body balanced at a ph of 7.35 and 7.45. A balanced body ph can make it harder for disease to grow in the body and Living Alkaline also keeps a good ph balance for blood and digestive systems. Place in your daily diet to feel energetic.

This will keep you looking young and feeling very energetic. The Tuun device will also help you combat EMF effects that are around you every day. In the modern world they are created everywhere. This device and staying ph balanced will keep you feeling young longer. Take one or all of these products depending on what you feel your body needs or take them all and improve your alkaline readings.

All Natural

Lack of sleep cab have very detrimental effect on your health and can lead to many health problems. Velovita has Zlem which is designed to give you a deeper sleep by allowing you to reach R.E.M. sleep. And of course, R.E.M. is the deepest form of sleep. This will be invaluable in trying to create a good ph for your body health. They also share a great little device that uses Bio-Hacking all natural sciens to give you all dy protection from Electromotive Force.

We are constantly looking for newer and more effective ways to create a healthy life. Anything all natural with newer science we bring and share here any finds we have. We change often to return here often to see our update finds.

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