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I have pages that I write just because I like writing my blog pages. Pages about my dreams for my retirement and goals for the next few years. As a World War II amateur historian, I write about my trip to a smal but incredible air museum. I also wrote a page about the brave contribution that Canadian forces contributed to the war. Something I feel is not appreciated as much as it should.

Beef Stroganoff: I wrote this blog page about cooking one of my favorite dishes, Beef Stroganoff. This is a description of me making this dish and not a recipe page. I made this using a short cut using a box for Beef Stroganoff. This is very tasty but not as good as homemade. I will write I reeipe when I maje the complete dish next time I enjoy thus meal:

Dream Big: This was an idea that many of my rrr247 connected bloggers wanted us all to do. Not everyone did but many of us wrote a page abut this. My dream were small especially compared to some of the young eople just starting thei march through life. My dreams have become pretty small lately. Enjoying my days and time is number one. I Dream, but not to Big:

usn  navy fighter for wotld war ll

Palm Springs Air Muesum I made a trip just east of LA to Palm Springs. There I found an awesome air nauseum with some great display aircraft. Many World War Two planes along with Korean and Vietnam era displays. A Great Place to Visit:

. Underappreciated Canadian Heroes: I feel one of the most underappreciated groups of soldiers of World War II is our brave Canadian neighborship great sacrifice the Canadians gave in WWll is not that well known. I do n. Being in the British Commonwealth they were from 1939 and fouhjt in most Arena around the Workd including Asia and Africa. This is a small page og the great tribute they deserve. Increase your appreciation for them.

Free Stuff is a collection of a few Blog Pages I wrote on things of a personal Nature. I am most proud of the Air Museum and Canadian Solder pages. I will and other personal interest pages here.