Living Alkaline

Living Alkaline is something that many people have no real knowledge of what it is. this is a growing trend for living a healthier life. The Alkaline is based on the ph scale of chemistry which measures the acidity or alkalinity of items and foods. Fruits and vegetables are alkaline while meats refined sugars and processed foods are heavy in acid.

This is a way to a healthier life because eating fruits and vegetables is just healthy. And we share ways to live alkaline and healthy. And we share the living alkaline way to eliminate acidy foods from you diet. Another step is to use gluten- free items because most grains are acidity while alkaline reduces acid in the body. The goal is to keep the body balanced at a ph of 7.35 and 7.45. A balanced body ph can make it harder for disease to grow in the body. Living Alkaline also keeps a good ph balance for blood and digestive systems. Place in your daily diet to feel energetic and better moods

Great Products for Alkaline Living

We share here some great Bio-Hacking technology created products. When these are combined with Living Alkaline, they are even more incredible. Younger skin, weight loss, brain enhancer and an incredible sleeping mood setter are all increased with these all-natural products. They are all delivered with a great package called a snap. Easy to store, easy to carry and easy to consume. Search here to see all products

Snap because the first step is to “Snap” the package in half. Then squeeze the gel into your mouth and consume in a snap.. Then there is also the “Snap” these products will give to your attitude and feeling. Below are some of the benefits created by these Bio- Hacking created products.

  • Awesome and Better Moods.
  • Feeling of Happiness
  • Better Brain Focus & Mental Clarity and Stamina
  • Growth in Hair, Nails and Healthy Skin. (Aiding the natural Process)
  • Increased weight loss
  • Better sleep.
  • Increased Energy

First up is a great snao product which keeps, skin, nails and hair healthy and younger looking. First in the morning even before my first cup of coffee is a snap of uuth. and in 10 -15 minutes I get that great feeling which I enjoy with my coffee, oatmeal and English muffin. (Not exactly a ‘Living Alkaline” but I admit I’m not there yet.) Bur for the Living Alkaline users after 10 minutes you can go about your morning. This product is an awesome natural liquid collagen and is loaded with bio-hacking and natural product to give a “Snap” to your morning. Continual use gives the growth and strength to keep your skin, hair and nails strong, healthy and young. Surf on over here for Young Skin

Tasteless Creamer

coffee with weight loss properties image

Next step in the morning in my coffee I snap in a packet of a great tasteless coffee creamer’ Being tasteless it allows me to still enjoy the taste of my morning a coffee creamer with incredible weight loss properties. Snap it into tea or hot chocolate and there is enough caffeine to activate the weight loss properties. Use this product and you can shed the inches away. And it can be used to keep your weight stable.

Third spot in the lineup is occupied by an incredible Brain Enhancing product. After your morning routine and before you go about your “day”. Just snap a packet and pour the gel into your mouth, simple and clean. !0 minutes later I always get an incredible feeling and attitude lifter. This product increases brain function enhances clarity and mental acuteness. There is also a great energy boost with this product. Brain Enhancer

sleep enhancer packet

The fourth product is an awesome all-natural sleep enhancer. Go to sleep easier and sleep sounder and deeper then you have ever slept. This is not a sleep aid but a Bio- Hacking product that helps keep the body balanced and Living Alkaline. Enjoy your day and more and be more productive by Living Alkaline and using these incredible Bio-Hacking products.

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