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If you enjoy Gadgets then this site is one you’ll love. We have found Household gadgets and kitchen gadgets that you will want to have and we share them all here. Gadgets is the quick reference but their really great little kitchen and household tools and helpers. You can’t live without these and cannot wait to use them. Because if you are using these gadgets you must be cooking or preparing something you will enjoy cooking and eating. These items make life so much easier whether you preparing food or drink. We also have other household products for many uses. Here there are many different gadgets(tools) for around the kitchen. See your choices when you share our site with us.

Phone Holder

phone holder for your desk

This Cellphone holder sits on your desk holding your phone at a working angle. Read the screen click away all while the phone is held on your desk. Hands free and hard to misplace on a work covered desk. Foldable and practical this leaves your cell phone always available. Gives easy screen access and reminders you where you placed it. This is just a one of the Household Gadgets & More  we are sharing on this site.

This Fish skin peeler gadget can be taken anywhere. This unique design is shaped like a fish allowing cutting up your fish so much easier and keeping the scales of the fish from getting everywhere and making cleaning up hard. The raised design gives ease to descaling and scrapping your fish. Easy to clean and easy to store this is an incredible addition to your kitchen.

Household Gadgets

wine utensil ang aeroator

Wine Aerator, Bottle Stopper, Decanter Pourer Aerating and Pour Spout Bottle stopper and decanter pour spout. Keep your wine fresh and still be able to pour without changing a spout pourer. You can pour wine without removing this from the bottle. Allows you to enjoy the complete bottle longer add enjoy every drop by keeping your wine fresh and crisp longer. High Quality and designed to work for a long time

Inspired by the true Fine Wines in Wine Discovery DTC Ambassador blends. this Cork Spin design is the correct tool to enjoy them all. Open your Wine and it allows your wine to aerate and be dispensed all in the one tool. The Cork Spin is gaining in popularity with our DTC Discovery community. Pop the cork on your chosen blend and anxiously wait while your wine aerates. Then pour and enjoy your choice for the evening, or whenever you are looking for that.

glasses of blemds from representing wine discovery

Wine Discovery Club

Our exclusive Wine Discovery Club is a world class wine discovery club. We share different blends every month and they are delivered right to your door. Every month the shipment arrives with each bottle noted with a blend history of every bottle. The best wines from the best grapevines from the Sonoma and Napa Vineyards open and let these awesome Fine Wines give you that ability to create that Wine Magic

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