Dream Big

A Dream Big page. That is why I love this sharing in this great sharing community. People come up with these ideas and then we write on them. Having us write similar pages gives are community some continuity and comradeship. And these are subjects that I might not think to write on. Dream Big is good example, because my idea of Dreaming is very different then most of our bloggers. Most young people have the dream bigger house and more for their family and growth for the family, mine is about making my retirement better. Similar but a little different. I have dreams that are more about the present and near future then 20 years, although I’ll take the extra twenty years.

lake to dream about gong to

My Dreams

My first dream would be in the moving to a nicer place. I live in Burbank which is a nice city, but I am moving to a place more on the edge or just out of the suburbs. I want to have a nicer place for my grandkids to come and visit and enjoy themselves. Maybe on the edge of a forest and with a little river running through it. Get up in the morning and actually smell the world. Growing up in Chatsworth I smelled Eucalyptus and Citrus Trees all year. Even now in spring you can still smell Eucalyptus in the air. For me I want to be able to fish and play golf close to home. I just would like to live a little outside the ring of people.

Now getting a house and gaining real financial is a dream of mine but not the same as young people. Being retired I am good but you can always improve. I could also leave a house to my grandchildren but is not my biggest priority. I do want to make this blog better and successful just for the feeling of starting and accomplishing a project. So I have some of the big dreams but most are more presnt. But them since this about dreams maybe a beach on the Ocean is a dream.

World War Two Tour

My first Dream is to take a long and quality vacation centered on famous and historical sites all thru Europe. I am going anyways but would like to stay in better hotels golf the nicer golf courses and eat in the nicer restaurants. To Gamble in Monaco will be part of this trip. I want to tour WWll sights but also other places. I want to basically live in Europe for months and not just a vacation. My goal is starting this summer go to every historic thing in Europe then head for the WWll spots in Asia. Working on this site and my other monies and I will travel in higher luxury. Start small keep working from my home to supplement my retirement and I can travel even better.

I will travel to their historic sights too. I want to see castles and the many older churches and government buildings. Growing up n Los Angeles 100 years is an old building. When in Eastern United states I saw older buildings. Then I travelled to China, talk about old buildings. Different world than Western United States buildings. Anyways my first dream is travel in one or two step higher. Small Dreams huh

Old Cars and Golf

Buying couple older cars is another smaller dream I wanted one but now buy 3 or 4 before they make gas illegal. 69 Camaro would be awesome but that is a Big Dream. They are Very expensive even in Vintage cars. Since I’m Dreaming Let’s go with a 50’s thunderbird and a 35 Ford Coupe. A brand new Mercedes and Camaro too. 5 cars sounds about right since we’re dreaming. Seems like small dreams I admit but I do not necessarily want to put in 6-8 hours a day now. If I get to enjoy my retirement more it is okay.

Golf is a bigger dream than the cars and is more to my heart. It might be the perfect example of my dreams. I can justify maybe once a year to golf pebble beach, $600, because me and my brother decided since were from California our dream course would be Pepple Beach. Monterrey and used to be the Bing Crosby Open in California this is our dream coast. Well I would like to “Justify” going maybe 3 times a year. Would I accept tht my online thing allows me to go every day is an ultimate dream. And in the smaller dream would be me and my brother golfing 2-3 times a week. We actual got there for my first year in retirement but I got busy and were down to when we can. Starting to get back to twice a week


Taking my grandkids and son and law with us on grand vacation may be the biggest dream I have. Imaging just paying for everybody on trips where we have such nice facilities, we can do things together one day and ley the mom-dad and kids on their own. I could take everybody now, but you could have space if you travel in a great style. Or even to the point where Me and my Friend Feng can take 3-4 months and fly the family in for 1-2 weeks two or three times. Just simple pleasures and more involvement in family. Well, have my brother fly into Germany and meet us. I would not have to fly my brother he would fly himself. But if we were somewhere, it might get him to come where otherwise he probably would not go. So I guess this is under the dream of spending time with family.


Now the biggest Dream story for me at least fits this page better. Bettering my retirement is the first goal. I have to admit as I am getting into the process, I am starting to enjoy the marketing and writing of this. So maybe my goal well become to make this site as big as I can get it. Not having to work any time or day is a great thig. But I also am getting into the idea that this online business is keeping me busy. Although no artist I have liked writing and have written a few small private stories, so I do like creating these pages and am getting better feeling every time I create a page or market it, including pictures and meme’s. Maybe I will take this dream to the higher level, because I’m still in a working age and putting in the extra time is what I need. So my Dream is putting more time into my web and less to relaxing. But i do not want the 50 hour week anymore.

The final idea of this page is my time as my own and get the things I like to do at a higher level. Time with family is the best idea. I just don’t have the great giant dreams a younger person might have although working the system more hours for the next few years is a dream I can control.

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