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All Things Arts & Entertainment. We have the best in Art. Liquid Art. And the best in Entertaining and Gifts for Entertaining for unique friends and family members.

A great little story about my vinyl collection of 1500 albums. And a great wine discovery club that brings you different and unique blends every month to create what we call Wine Magic. We are finding and discovering some truly awesome items. These are Needs, and not wants really. And they are all about our Entertainment “Needs” Afterall.

Entertaining Gifts and Supplies: When it comes to Entertainment; we need Entertaining Gifts and Supplies. And we have discovered something awesome. This is a go to for those hard to buy for individuals. It is also a great go to for your own Entertaining Needs. This is an Awesome Site to know. And we love to visit it whenever we are looking to host another gathering or event. Birthdays, Bridal Showers, Baby Showers, or Couples Night. Plus all the fun holidays throughout the year. See the fun located in Entertainment with the Gifts and Supplies Here:

arts image of moody blues album

My Vinyl Collection: I have been collecting vinyl discs since the 1960’s. This is a quick little story of my time as a music fan and sometimes collector. This is a listners collection of mostly one copy and bought to listen to not collect. Great little collection I created over years. My Music Collection:

Wine Magic:  There is a lot to the Entertainment and Magic that happens with the right element. That element is Fine Wine. We are talking Rarity in True Fine Wines. These are not found in the liquor store, they are only available “Direct-To-Consumer”. These are the “Truth In Wine” that carry the health benefits. This is how Wine was meant to be. Not the ruined wines they sell in the stores. See and Read all about it in our informative article on Fine Wines. Start the Wine Magic in your Life Here.

All Things Arts and Entertainment are changing every day. These sites share incredible finds with everyone who comes to our community. The choices online are ever increasing with new technologies and smart phones with screens big enough that you can really watch movies. Don’t be worried if you missed the show everyone’s talking about because you watch the last episode during breakfast or by getting to work early or if you carpool. Catch up 0n the talking points on the way to work. Then you can be cool and informed on the show that is the topic at work for the day.