Palm Springs Air Museum

Palm Springs A Desert City east of Los Angeles, made famous by 1950’s-60’s movie stars, Golf Courses and 80’s-90’s spring break. Just a short drive and is a getaway for many Angeleno’s. But outside the city is a real little Jem in the desert. The Palm Springs Air Museum. The pieces and planes here are in great condition. The facilities are outstanding with many activities throughout the year.

I am a WWll “Almost a historian” not a professional but I don’t like really like to say a fan of such a tragedy. Have ultimate respect for all are veterans. but growing up in the 60″s I have a special feeling for WWll veterans. My father was one, it was only 15 years since the war had ended. Television shows such as Combat, Rat Patrol and Hogan’s Heroes. Many of the big movies were WWll films like Great Escape. Battle of the Bulge and so many more. Me and my friends as American boys did not play Cowboys and Indians (Native Americans) we played Americans and Germans. And the Native Americans Are WWll veterans and heroes. Love em all and Thank You. See their story:


p 51 fighter plane

At the Palm Springs Air Museum, there is a great collection here and they seem to be in great condition/ Many World War Two era planes are on display here including some of the most important models. There is also a nice collection of jet era planes, but I really enjoyed the older ones. I know something about the history and roles of some of the more famous planes, but you always learn when going places like this.

These are some of my favorite exhibits I saw and a quick historical paragraph on each.

  • B-17 Flying Fortress: This is considered to have been the mainstay of the Army Air Corps bomber campaign over Nazi Germany. Although less known the B 24’s that flew out of Italy had very comparable success as the B17. Although known as the Flying Fortress because of the nine machine guns on the plane it was still very vulnerable to German fighter planes. So dangerous that from October 1943 thru February 1944 daylight bombing was suspended. Then the P51D was released. This plane could escort the B-17’s all the way to Berlin.
  • P-51: This plane was, in my and many opinions the number 1 fighter plane in history. It was the plane that escorted the bombing raids over Germany, which had proven to dangerous without escort. The planes were also introduced to newer generations in two great movies. The Tuskegee Airmen and Red Tails. Here is a very interesting and important part of the history of this plane. It was used by the British but it did not perform well at high altitude. They put in a Rolls-Royce engine in it and a legend was born. Well put a new Rolls-Royce in my car and it would be legend too.

F6F Hellcat I had better pick one navy plane, since my father was a south pacific navy veteran of World War Two. The F6 was the replacement for the earlier F4 Wildcat. It was a tough fighter and could take punishment. It was the main fighter of the United States navy in the second half of WWll. Of course just like the pilots it had to tough it was taking off and landing on an Aircraft Carrier. Man they may be giant ships but in a plane they must look like a kitchen table to land on.

Vietnam Phantom

F-4B Phantom: I picked this plane because I was alive during the Vietnam war. I had friends whose older brothers were in the military during Vietnam. And one friend from Our Fantastic game. Well this plane is probably the plane most associated with Vietnam. It was tough enough for the Marines to fly it in ground support. Fast and heavy it had a big flaw when first released. Typical Human style this plane was over thought. The thinking being were passed machine guns everything is now missiles from miles away. Well too bad Star Wars was years away or maybe they would have seen that if you forget the small fry, small fry will get you.

These planes flown by the heroic pilots have protected our country. But the museum also hs other great pieces. Flight jackets in display cases was a great display. There are stories and maps of certain situations including great models of planes. There is a truck from before WWll. This was pretty cool, geez date myself, the truck was an incredible museum piece. And of course, there is a Stealth in its own display and a B-1 on display outside the front. Give yourself time you’ll want to spend that time Here

Museum History

In 1993 Charlie Meyer, Pete Madison and Dr. Mort Cubin started talking about a museum in Palm Springs. Talking and then Charlie asked, “Why not an air museum with WWII Warbirds right here in Palm Springs?”. A P-38 pilot Pete Madison had just bought Bob Pond’s home. And Bob Pond had a collection of aircraft in Minnesota. Getting help through aviation contacts they had they developed interest in the p On November 11, 1996, obviously a chosen date the museum opened. They have continued to add on to the awesome atmosphere they have created an incredible air museum here in Palm Springs.

front view of wwll fighter

In 2017 the General Kenneth P. Miles hangar opened. This is a enclosed hangar that house Korea/Vietnam era Planes. in 2017, providing an enclosed hangar for Korea/Vietnam era aircraft added to the museum’s awesome collection. In April 2022 the James R. Houston Pavillion was opened. This pavilliondisplays the F-117 Nighthawk, the Stealth Fighter.

Interesting and Informative Trip

This was just a great use of our time. Me and my Friend Susan were impressed by how nice and accessible the exhibits are in the air museum. There is a lot of information to learn and then you can see aircraft that were involved in the stories inside the displays. The museum has many events and will schedule private events too. What a place to have a event, surround by heroic planes flown by heroic pilots.

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