Convertible Scarf With a Pocket

Convertible Scarf with a Hidden Secret!

convertible scarf on a womans neck

The convertible Scarf that has a hidden secret. This is a fashionable scarf made with quality materials and several alternatives and fabric variations. It is a neck wrap, a scarf can be used to place across the body. It is warm or can also be used to protect from direct sunlight in cooler weather. But there is still the hidden secret. That is the Scarf with a pocket you can see on this site. Carry your phone your wallet hair brush and anything you need to keep out of your hands. This pocket is there for you.

Yes, this scarf has a pocket designed into the middle of the scarf. Keep your hands free and leave the heavy purse at home. You may not want to replace the purse completely but when you need certain items for an outing this is perfect. Keep all your keys and sunblock or heat treatment lotion for after a game. Keep a little reserve of cosmetics or skin care products. See It Here

Scarf with pockets 

Scarf with pockets offers additional variations: 

Woman wearing scarf
  • WIDE CUT With 20″ of total width, this wide cut scarf gives more coverage to keep you warm With pocket in the center that makes this a very convenient accessory added to your wardrobe. A neck wrap traditional scarf or even use as a head scarf.
  • COWL  A shorter length and a wider design to give generous areas warmth. This wider design allows to use a pullover for the head when it gets width with a generous fit around the neck. It’s great for adding comfort and warmth around the neck and can even pull up over the head and ears while out in the elements. 
  • ORIGINAL Design is a traditional style scarf. But the pocket still makes this model just as convieent. And don’t tell me this isn’t a newer style. There is even a side pocket for your cell phone, a must for today’s world.
  • Versatile can be worn as many different accessories as possible or just an added lap warmer.

Outdoor head and neck gear this scarf is the best. But the tough quality also helps in a situation like this one. Your out with the family and the child or grandchild is getting cold. This scarf is versatile and strong enough to be a day saving comforter. Amazing and versatile you will want this scarf. Surf on over and see. Different styles and different colors order one for ever outfit and every occasion. Then it can carry anything you need to allow you to be comfortable walking around the mall or on the beach. The scarf pocket carry’s your daily needs.

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