Retirement. Due to a pandemic situation my retirement came earlier than expected. I was offered a settlement related to Covid. now of course that limited my retirement options because the pandemic was on still. And then later int the summer there was a reoccurrence. And with all the other problems with travel I pit my plans back one year. I was golfing twice a week and fishing a few times but otherwise stayed around home most of the time. I did have my very close friend Susan Lee in orange county. We did lunch and dinner and shopping together one or twice a week. That was my first two years of retirement Ah.


The plan is to change that in the next year. First goal is to move to a quieter area, maybe in California but because of the expense of living in California probably out of state. A state with no income or retirement taxes. The idea is to live in a smaller area outside a major city. Maybe even an outskirt suburb like where I grew up. I actually lived n the city limits of Los Angeles, but it certainly didn’t feel like. We had orange groves and horse ranches in the area My first sliding practice as a kid was in my coach’s horse pit. Nice and soft. There were still actual Cowboys, and one restaurant still has a hitching post. There are actual track homes with boarding for horses on their own property. Then maybe I’ll just move closer to the Ocean not sure yet.

I would like to find a place like where I was young, and I could ride a bicycle right into the hills. We had two little creeks in the hills and when we started driving, we had a little road that took us into the hills and to either creek. A place where my grandkids can enjoy their visits. Imagine leaving their city home and enjoying the open air and spaces. It was almost as much rural as urban. But we also had access to pro sports, restaurants, movies and all the nice things in a city lifestyle. Just did not seem to be part of LA.

World War ll Trip

Retirement. My first big goal is to take a tour of World War ll site and battlefields. I am a big historian of world war ll, which I believe is probably the greatest (although the worst too) accomplishment in the history of humankind the. All over the world young men and women volunteered and accepted the need to combat the greatest evil in history. So evil that we had to team with the second worst evil (Joe Stalin’s Soviet Union) in history.

I figure to go to the United Kingdom first and enjoy some of the medieval historic castles and probably Stonehedge. Then a trip to Normandy France, through that incredible achievement, the Chunnel. I want to see the D-Day memorial and museums but maybe even more to see the incredible structures built there. next goal would be, with a quick stop in Paris. But overall being an American from the 70’s I want to travel across France as quick as George S. Patton did

bastogne memorial

Next would be the battlefield around Arnheim and the Bridge too Far campaign. Then a personal highlight for me … BASTOGNE. Just to see the famous little city is a big personal goal. I also will travel around the battlefield and consume every museum and monument I can find. Then on to Germany and all there is to see there. And then of course on the way home stop in Washington DC at the World War Two memorial. I have been to DC twice but the WWll Memorial was not dedicated yet and want to see what I contributed to. I gave in my family members names and the names of two close friends family. Each person whose name I gave in was awarded a certificate with their family members name. They loved those Christmas gifts I can tell you.

Golf and Fishing

fishimg on a lake

Simply I want to golf and fish (catch and release) more since I will have the time. First a Bass boat. There is actually good bass fishing here in SoCal in the spring. The fishing can be moody but there are good bass out there. But I also want to take my bass boat across the USA and bass fish in different areas and for different fish. I also like to Ocean fish and would like to experience fishing The Atlantic Ocean.

Golf is the last goal I want to talk about. Not only do I want to golf more, but I want to golf at one or two classic courses. As I mentioned to my brother since were from California, I like dream golf would have to be at Pebble Beach. There are awesome courses across America, but I can’t afford that kind of golf every day. But one or two of the best courses I can manage that. How much fun I cannot even imagine.

Main small goals I have two but these are the main ones. Golf on nicer courses, Fish and travel. Live in a nicer area a little way out of the city. A bass boat and oh yea a new Camaro automobile. Go on my WWll tour of Europe and stay healthy using Velovita products designed to keep you health and young looking and next year Asia.

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