Gut Health Naturally

Gut Health Byōm™ a the next all natural and Bio-Hacking product from Velovita is here. Like the whole line of Velovita products Byom is all natural and targets a specific area of body health. Velovita offers products that target Sleep, Weight Loss, EMF protection. Brain enhancer and younger looking skin, nails and hair. Well now there is Byom that targets the digestive system helps create improved digestive help.

Gut Health with byom

Byōm™ is where Science and Bio-Hacking get to solve yet another major concern in Health and Fitness. This is a game changer for so many of us because this product has many features that help with your digestive help.


Gut Health with byōm™ determines our overall Health. If you are dealing with pains and aches and Weight Problems; your Gut Health is probably a root concern. One that needs to be address in order for your overall health to be rectified. This is more and more known by our Medical Professionals.

Benefits of Byōm™ d

  • Helps Balance The pH Levels In Your Body
  • Improves Digestive Health
  • Helps Boost Cellular Hydration
  • May Help Support a Healthy Immune System
  • May Help The Body Fight Harmful Bacteria

Every snap of byōm™ helps put your body in an alkaline state that:

  • Supports Proper Cell Functions
  • Promotes Better Sleep
  • Increases Alertness and Mental Sharpness
  • So full of C.F.U.’s they produce amazing results when using this product.
  • Ionic Trace Materials for Hydrating
  • And the Monk Fruit and Strawberry taste will make you want to take more than just one snap. Snap? This is how Byom is packaged. In a packet that you bend in half to “Snap Open” and consume anywhere.
  • Mix in water or any liquid or you can just snap and consume right from the packet.

Byōm™ To Learn the great benefits and features of this Bio-Hacking product that promotes better Digestive Health Please Watch The Video

Digestive Health

velovita image

Our overall health is very influenced by our digestive and “Gut Health”. The Medical professions seems to be learning more about the connection between gut health and overall body health and a Healthy body allows for better mental health. I don’t know this completely but is seems to me if you feel healthy all day

its got to help you feel better in your soul. Guts. With this and other Bio-Hacking products you can create a daily program for better health. We have been given access to the first of its kind liquid Probiotics (and so much more) that creates a solution in helping with Gut Health and a Mental Boost.

Incredible Brain and Mood Enhancement

where your brain may take you

Get a quick mental boost and clarity using the all-natural brain enhancer. Bran is a Bio-hacked product that gives an incredible boost 15-20 minutes after you consume the snap packet’s contents. Eliminate the energy drinks or the afternoon coffee (not the morning coffee for me, love the aroma the warm drink the taste) but the afternoon cup is more a pick me up/ Well this brain enhancer is all natural and much safer. All natural and Healthy items here are developed using New Science and Bio-Hacking knowledge for greater body health.

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