Nutrient Dense Beef

Nutrient Dense Beef. wow It is funny thinking about it now. Well interesting and maybe a little ironic. When I was young, I had a doctor who in the 1970’s used to be in a religion that he did not eat meat. This is funny back before there were a lot of choices on the fast-food menus’ He would send me over to McDonalds buy me. a burger and get a Grilled Cheese on a hamburger bun. He did stress vegetables fruits and etc for healthy diet but he was not anti-meat. But anyways we were talking, and he told me :If you went out and ate Beef that had been out all summer grazing in the hills on free grass with some exercise Beef would be better for people. He was stressing the fat in non-exercising cows and not so much the better nutrients.

[piece of brisket  of rain fed beef

Well this Beef which is really grain fed is full of nutrients and less fat. They also leave the additives like water out of their beef. Unlike most “Grass Fed” beef which is fed grass and grains when their young and then: Fattened up”. This beef that is fed grass and grains their whole life has 50% and higher nutrient rate the most Supermarket Beef. In the Store, your paying for Water and your paying for nutrient deficient beef.

Free Roaming

Many studies show that free roaming cattle make better and healthier beef. Cattle ae grazing animals and were meant to eat grass and grains. When cattle graze on grass the nutrients from the plant go to the cow and then the beef. This means hat if there eating food still growing it has more nutrients to the older oats and fillers used to fatten up cattle Studies have shown that having the free-roaming cattle makes for healthier beef for us to eat. With this nutrient fed bed studies have shown better than 50% and more nutrients in the beef. You eat healthy you stay healthy same for cattle has humans.

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So the choice is do you want this Grass-Fed Nutrient Dense Beef or the :”Fattened Up” water pumped up supermarket beef. Not only Nutrients but there is a greater degree of other healthy benefits. Take Amino acids, an essential part of life. Our Beef has been shown to contain 70% or more Amino Acids that Big Beef products.

Direct to Consumer

The other awesome part of Carter Country Meats Beef is you do not need to go to a Supermarket to get your beef. This better tasting, healthier, grass fed and Nutrient Dense beef is delivered directly to you. Anywhere in our shipping areas this Beef will delivered right to your door. Shipped in a professionally container that keeps the beef fresh on its way ti your door.

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If you want to try this great tasting, Nutrient filled beef go to this incredible company’s web site and pick out the order that best suits your need. Then it will arrive at your doer in a very timely fashion. For exact order and shipping info investigate them here, Nutrient Beef the healthy alternative. This is only going to grow and have more products available for you to enjoy.

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