Point Mugu Tide Pools

Point Mugu one beautiful wonder of Southern California. Simple to find easy to love and enjoy. 50 miles west of Los Angeles although it feels like North. But that is the part of California that makes Reno Neveda west of Los Angeles CA. California really does not go north until Ventura. It really goes north after pt. Concepcion. This is Vandenberg Air Force Base. Vandenberg is a rocket testing facility. When I was young you could see the white rocket trail and then at the end there would be a beautiful green glow in the night sky. Think it was the rocket being blown up over ocean. Well maybe they let the rocket fall to Earth, but to us kids we were sure it was blown up.

Well back to my trip to Point Mugu in between the recent storms we’re having this winter. I’m loving them as do not live in our hills where the rains do much of their damage. Our hills are mud and they wash away. They are built of run offs of mountains up to 10,000 feet. I love rain but a hard Southern California winter is enough rain for me. But I wish we had these winters every year. Well, the beaches are definitely being hit hard and the sand is really narrow right now.

Where is Point Mugu

How to get there. From Los Angeles you can take the 1 Hwy thru Malibu and keep going, you will go there directly. From Burbank or the San Fernando Valley you take the 101 West/North. This is because in the valley the signs read either Ventura Fwy West or 101 Hwy North (Same Road), Great huh. The Fwy goes East to West until Ventura but the 101 is state number and it goes North to San Francisco and beyond. It’s LA so these signs are on the same entrances, sometimes next to each other, Oh LA. You then take Malibu Canyon and not Kanan Rd. This means you travel along the Ocean for a longer time

Pepperdine and Turn Right

So you drive through Malibu Canyon Drive which although is a canyon its mostly long gradual turns and is a great canyon to drive. Take this until you get to Pepperdine. If you do not see Pepperdine don’t worry because you will run into the ocean and more exact the Malibu Sports complex which is in between the highway and the ocean. I bet the get some big winds coming in from center field. At Pepperdine and the Ocean turn right on Hwy 1 and go. You travel through northern and rural Malibu. Some of the best homes and vistas you will see anywhere. Me if I had unlimited budget this one of the top list of places on Earth I might live. $$$$ here. This is the area that if you ever see a car on a 4 lane road with property around the homes in a movie or commercial, that it is probably filmed here. In a short and absolutely spectacular drive you reach the end of LA county and enter Ventura County

County Line (Ventura)

When you reach county line, it is always called County Line not Ventura County line. You know your at the county line when you see the beach. You know I guess the Beach Boys called it Ventura Beach (Surfin’ USA) but up here it’s County Line. Also across from the beach is a world-famous eating establishment. You do not need to know it’s name, because you have seen it. Many movies have been filmed here and it’s a famous place to stop for motorcycles. You can take a ride along the coast or on a motorcycle you may go through the coast mountain roads. A lot of nice motorcycle roads in the Santa Monica Mountains. But you go through the mountains on a road and come out on the Coast Hwy Turn north and eat right across from the beach.

Awesome Location to Eat

Neptune’s Net is a rest stop and refreshment and food establish in an incredible setting. Across the highway from County Line Beach. Outside dining is the name of the day. But how awesome to eat in usually pretty fair ocean weather. Neptune’s Net has some of the best Clam Chowder you want to taste. I’ve been to Boston and I’m not saying Neptune’s is better but it’s very good. It kind of has a Los Angeles flair to it, although I’m no expert. Whatever it is this Clam Chowder is as good as any in the Los Angeles area including the coast towns and Long Beach/ San Pedro. Well order go sit outside and think of when you have seen this place in one of your favorite movies

Along The Shore

coast along hwy 1 south of point mugu
car commercial heavan

When you turn right you run out of buildings. The road turns into 2 lanes right after the County Line. That is because there is ni room between the mountains and the sea. Yes, mountain this is California the mountain right next to the coast is 2300 feet high. There is nothing but great panoramas form here all te way to the point. First on the left are very small beaches which right now are not there all dy. The waves seem to be reaching the stairway from the road. This happens here all or many winters, but the sand is real low. A little bit up the road is the stairway that leads to the Tide Pools. They may not be the best but a Tide Pool is a Tide Pool. There are starfish and there are crabs and starfish. I just love it up here for a quick day drive.

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