Cryptocurrency, the future is here now. A digital system that allows you to pay, exchange currency with no banks involved. Cryptocurrency allows payments to be made in a completely digital system. The system is encrypted to secure the digital information. When you get your crypto you will get a digital wallet. This is a digital site dashboard but is called a wallet. With the wallet you manage your digital accounts. Here in our community, we bring and share to specific digital platforms. We share an application where you buy, or sell all kinds of crypto currency. Like stock trading Coinbase shows you the current price and trends for cryptocurrencies, a look at your portfolio of holdings.

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Coinbase is an app where you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies. You can use many digital currency on this app. The app allows you to exchange one currency into another. The app is very similar to old style stock exchanges. With a record of all your transaction and a portfolio of all your crypto currency The site uses encryption codes to secure its data. This is currency so you do need to supply information.

Coinbase requires, your legal name, home address, date of birth, last four digits of your Social Security number and how your plan on how you plan to use Coinbase. That’s to comply with federal regulations. Go to the app and follow the step-by-step instructions. This will get you started in the crypto world. And as you understand more about the app you can learn more information and do bigger transactions. Go here and learn how to use mining and crypto currency

Computta Crypto Mining

Computta Crypto mining so simple that anyone with a computer can learn to mine and generate crypto currency. The two-click service means two clicks and you are off and using thei super simple mining app.

Now this is how it works in simple steps:

  • Register for an account on
  • Download Computta from the member area on the app Member and Affiliate Area.
  • Install the application on your computer.
  • Immediately see what you can generate from using the two-click set-up.Y
  • That’s it. You have Computta and can start mining and generating cryptocurrency .
  • While your computer is on Computta Smart Miner is generating in the background
  • Computta Smart Miner just sits there working silently in the background generating your money for as long as you have your computer power on.

This app is so easy to learn and gives you freedom away from banks and giant financial institutions. Another great feature of using this app for all your cryptocurrency needs.

Go to computta learn crypto, learn crypto mining. Use your digital wallet to control and manage all the bitcoin, or other currency, you create. Then you will need to go to an app where you can do crypto transactions. But you have coinbase and your prepared. You gain up to the minute news about, buying and exchanging crypto. Learn the Bitcoin world gain information while having fun and generating revenue.

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