Inpersona and Helo

With the Inpersona App and Helo Health Devices you will be ready to conrol your health data. companies will buy your health data and use it to make money with your personal data. Using the Impersona app you will be in control of your own data. Control and safety start with understanding how your is collect and shared. Secure and Data privacy are security practices may vary based on your region, and age. Over time they develop their techniques and sell your information to other sauces.

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Control Your Data Health and Mine Crypto using the App and your chosen device.

Three short steps and you will be off and running, or mining.

First Step:

Download the Impersona App for free from google Plat Store or the Apple i store.

This App is needed to connect with Blockchain and Web 3.0 Solutions

On the App set up your account to gain access to the Invite Code. Which os available to anyone connected to the Impersona App.


Find the invite codes that are available Set up your crypto wallet using the Impersona App. Your rewards will be paid out to this wallet. There are simple steps available that will walk you through this incredible opportunity.

Any time you need to EMAIL us in our email system that you can register to on the right of this screen Or call the RRR247 Support Line 1-877-310-5353 to connect with our well informed and helpful instructors.

Select Your Level of NFT

NFT? What is a NFT? Nft’s are sed to store sovereign health data and watch this short video that explains the complete NFT process.

Set Up Your NFT

Inpersona and HeHelo Devicelo

Follow the instructions on the site to complete your NFT setup. The steps are easy and explained step by step. After you have completed the NFT Set-Up and purchase: It will be time to get your Halo device. This idevice will use in the Impersona App and your NFT to monitor your data. After you have completed your NFT purchase tou cab will be activate it on your Impersona Home Page

Now it is time to activare your device. . Select a device and it will be sent to you. Set the device up as explained in the easy step-by-step instructions that come with the device.

Do Not allow Big Tech to make millions using your Health Data. This os your data and your privacy. . Take control of your protected Health Data. Use the Impersona App and a Helo devices. And it is just grar ro protect and have control of your personal data.

Monitor Your Personal Health Vitals

This awesome watch will monitor your Health Vitals all day. Walking, sitting or excessing this incredible watch will keep a record of your vital statistics.

Monitor the vitals of your family or anyone else and keep a continual record of their vitals. This gives you a great comfort to know your vitals are good or a warning if they are not so giid. That may not be great but getting the needed Medical attentions.

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