Electromagnetic Fields

Electromagnetic Fields (EMF), the first thing about Electromagnetic field (EMF) is it’s a natural occurrence. Our bodies, lighting, rubbing to friction shock your friends, these are all EMF. This seems harmless enough. Yet if you put two electric devices next to each other and you hear a buzzing sound. This is Electromagnetic fields colliding with each other. This creates the question if they are strong enough to cause interference are they strong enough to be harmful to the human body. The Earth itself could not support life without it’s Magnetic Field, which protects from harmful effects caused by the Sun.

But when man creates the incredible amount of energy, he does is this harmful to the human body? Many people believe it is. And the best way to protect yourself is creating a level human energy levels. Crystals and ionizing are two ways to protect yourself’ Like most things the human body does well in moderation. But with the number of fields created in the modern world, protection can create neutral body energy and your overall well-being and body.

Sources Of Electromagnetic Fields

Let’s Start with our cell phones and add high-powered wiring line, heavy duty machines, tv screens, electronic devices all generate Electromagnetic Fields. Walking around today and you are walking through these fields. EMF’s are being created in your home every day and our love for modern technology creates them. Electromagnetic field protection

Non Ionizing Everyday Devices

  • microwave ovens
  • computers
  • smart meters
  • wireless (Wi-Fi) routers
  • cellphones
  • Bluetooth devices
  • power lines
  • MRI machines

Ionizing Devices

  • x-ray devices
  • Baggage x-ray machines
  • CT scanners.

Here we are sharing a company with everyone that has many different protective devices, natural and technical. “Everything in moderation” that usually works but in this technological world that is not always possible. All day cell phone use or simple testing and monitoring devices for around the home. From sprinkler controllers to lighting control devices may now create Electromagnetic Fields. Sitting in front of a computer or entertainment device will create the same fields. But there are amazing ways to protect yourself. EMF protection

Protection from Electromotive Fields

Trying to stay fit and healthy is very important for our bodies and in this world it’s easy to get distracted. And just like physical health the first defense is having a good preventive routine. Eating healthy builds up your defense well using EMF protecting devices can be a great preventive against Electromotive Force’s structure and effects see these amazing products

The company has a strong belief in health-based wellness and holistic healing. They have over 20 years in holistic healing. They have taken these techniques and created a business that has many natural protections from EMF and other modern technology effects.

Electromagnetic Fields Jewelry

They have an amazing line of jewelry that uses orgone energy to transform the negative energy created by “Electromagnetic smog”. They have beautiful pieces that use crystal energy to boost your energy and protection against EMF’s.

emf protection
  • This is an incredible looking Pendant. This pendant is made of Turquoise and Charoite Crystals which gives it’s unique coloring mix. The pendant uses the orgone energy created by the universe to combat the negative effects that Electromagnetic fields have on the human body.
  • “The organic component absorbs energy waves some natural some various energy waves (whether good or bad) from the space, adsorbs into the device, and then the metal fragments reflect and squeeze the energy, causing the original form of this energy to be destroyed and reassembled into a harmonious basic form”
  • Uses natural Orgone energy to purify the Human Body Energy Field against Electromagnetic field

Rainbow Crstal Stones-Orgone Healing Energy Generator With EMF Radiation Protection.

  • Various energies are absorbed by this device and are reflected and squeezed, destroying the energy’s original form
  • The metal Fragments help reassemble the energy into a Harmonious basic form.
  • Maintains a healthy and harmonious energy state. The metal fragments convert the negative energy into positive.
  • Uses natural Orgone energy to purify the Human Body Energy Field.

The product line of CHI-O jewlery has Pendants Necklaces and other products designed to bring a balance of good energy to the Human Body Energy Field. Taking the negative energy created by EMF’s and creating a positive energy into a Harmonious energy state.

Protection for the Home and Car

Your car and home create many EMF’s from multiple devices. Televisions, computers cell phone and many new devices are controlled by computer chips and small boards. This can fill an entire car or house with Electromotive Force and you are in these field for long periods of times.

Room Balancer

This is an incredible product that will balance the energy in an area up to 1000 square feet. The Balancer uses Pre-Programmed Hologram cards that change the feeling of the energy in a room or area of your home. Since this device is powered by batteries and is portable you can take to work, travel to enhance your sense of well-being. This is done by encoding specific fields to increase your protection and an unbelievable feeling of well-being. Two Pre-programmed Hologram Cards that come with the Balancer for Chakra Balance and Eliminate Negative Energy

Computer Balancer

Another nice product is this USB compatible Computer Balancer with a data port and a charging port. This device also comes with USB sticks for Chakara Balance and Eliminate Negative Energy

EMF Protection and Crystals and you will find this incredible sight that we are sharing with you when you visit our site. You will find an incredible line of Jewelry, Crsytal and EMF protection for the car and your home. Protect yourself and balance your human energy and well-being and eliminate Negative Energy all from this awesome product line.

Good health is all about managing several areas of your life. And these products manage your human energy. They also help manage your protection from EMF’s and together they help aid in your management of your life. Protect yourself build your energy go here. EMF Protection and Crystals:

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